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Grow Cube All in One

Grow Cube All in One

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The Grow Cube Mushroom Kit offers the simplest and most dependable method for cultivating fantastic mushrooms in the comfort of your home. It consists of our Black Beauty and Myco Grains all in one bag! It is all ready to grow the mushrooms of your choosing.

All you need to do is introduce spores! Revel in the freshness and the sense of accomplishment that comes from growing your own mushrooms at home.

The Grow Cube is perfectly suited for nurturing mushroom varieties that thrive on manure and is designed with beginners and hobbyist growers in mind.

Ingredients: Coco coir, aged manure, worm castings, vermiculite, whole oats, milo, gypsum, lime

Net Contents: 2.2 L (2.3 QT)

Grow Bag: 10-T, 0.2µm filter, injection port


How to use:


Start by obtaining a 10 or 20 ml liquid culture or spore syringe from a trusted provider. Clean the injection port with an alcohol pad, and then immediately inoculate your Grow Cube bag with the full syringe. Be sure to angle the needle towards the front edge of the bag to see when the mushroom mycelium starts to grow.

STEP 2 Once a 2” circle of mycelium has formed (usually two weeks), make a small cut in the bag to fill the bag with oxygen. Reseal the bag with tape, and then break up the mycelium, shaking the bag to evenly mix the material. Gently form an even fruiting block with a wide flat top and wait until fully colonized.

STEP 3 Once your  Grow Cube bag is fully colonized (usually 1-2 weeks), cut off the top of the bag to let in oxygen and begin the fruiting stage. Fold and tape the top of the bag back over to maintain the humidity until your mushrooms are mature and ready to harvest.

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