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Black Beauty Sterilized Substrate Grow Bag

Black Beauty Sterilized Substrate Grow Bag

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Sterilized Substrate for Growing Mushrooms.

Aged Manure, Worm Castings, 0.2 µm Filter.

Black Beauty is a substrate mix based on manure that facilitates the growth of exceptional mushrooms. This particular blend is well-suited for the cultivation of mushroom varieties that thrive on manure, and it is tailored for growers with intermediate to advanced levels of experience. It is designed for use in conjunction with our Myco Grains Sterilized bags.

Net Contents: 3 L (3.2 QT)

Ingredients: Coco coir, aged manure, worm castings, vermiculite, gypsum, lime

Grow Bag: XLS-T, 0.2 µm filter


This product is intended for use with fully colonized grain spawn at a 2:1 substrate to spawn ratio.

Step 1 - Grain spawn

Grain spawn is used to start growing your mushroom culture. Using sterile technique, inoculate your grain spawn with 10-20 ml of mushroom liquid culture and seal the bag. Shake the bag to evenly distribute the culture, and then incubate until your grain spawn is fully colonized.

Step 2 - Substrate

Substrate serves as the medium for mushroom fruiting. Take your fully colonized grain spawn bag and divide it, placing half of the grain spawn into two substrate bags. Mold the bags to optimize the surface area for fruiting, and then incubate them until full colonization is achieved.

Step 3 - Harvest

Once your substrate is fully colonized, cut off the top of the bag to initiate fruiting conditions and let in oxygen. Then, fold and clip the top of the bag back over as needed to maintain fruiting conditions until your mushrooms are mature and ready to harvest. Enjoy!

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